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Retweetd From Harris Benson

As part of our theme of inclusion and diversity this half term. We are learning another song with sign language. A beautiful song by and thanks to we can use sign language along with our singing!


Retweetd From @hcacp

🚨 The application DEADLINE for our Diverse Leaders programme is only one week away! 🚨 Be sure to get your application in ASAP to avoid losing out on this amazing opportunity designed especially for 🖱️👉


Retweetd From Harris Tottenham Sixth Form

Fantastic trips to the and Modern this November. Thank you so much to the for hosting a brilliant pathways talk for our Year 12 STEM and apprenticeship enthusiasts, too.


Retweetd From @hcacp

The HCACP boys cricket team stormed to victory in their first ever game yesterday against St Josephs. We batted first and scored 155 for 4 wickets in 15 overs. St Josephs batted second scoring 71 for 10 wickets, all out in 13 overs. Victory for HCACP by 84 runs!


Retweetd From HPA Kent House

Thank you so much to the for providing us with more amazing free books for all of our pupils 📚


Retweetd From Harris Primary Academy Crystal Palace

Well done to the amazing actors and audience in Y5 and Y6, who recreated the scenes of Macbeth and Romeo and Juliet this afternoon. What a great day we had exploring Shakespeare’s famous plays! We thoroughly recommend! 🎭👏🏼


Retweetd From Harris Benson

What an amazing 'dip & do' homework! A maths board game created to improve maths skills. Year 3 have loved playing this! Well done!


Retweetd From Harris Bermondsey

HAB Culture Day took place yesterday, with students dressing in the styles and fashions that represent their culture, or a culture they appreciate. Celebrating our differences, as well as our common interests, helps unite and educate us.


Retweetd From Harris Haling Park

Pupil Parliament: In our PP session today, we learned about parliament and how laws are created and debated. They also had the opportunity to meet our local MP and ask him questions. Thank you and ! Very informative!


Retweetd From Harris South Norwood

This evening four of our Sixth Form performed at Mansion House for 300 guests.including The Lord Mayor and Prince Edward!!!!! And they were outstanding.


Retweetd From Harris Greenwich

Thank you to all of our Year 7 & 8 parents who attended the first HAGR Expo last week. It was a wonderful evening filled with live performances and examples of work produced by our students.


Retweetd From Harris Academy Peckham

Year 7 Drama students learning role playing and narration techniques


Retweetd From Harris Primary Academy Purley Way

Our HPAPW Community Champions display is a celebration of the home projects on diversity. We cannot wait to see what you learn about this month!


Retweetd From Harris Primary Academy Kenley

Pudsey has taken over the teaching at HPAK today! We are looking forward to a day of fun and raising money for our chosen charity, ‘Children in Need’.


Retweetd From HPA Philip Lane

Year 6 tried to find the this morning behind all the cloud cover. We missed you teaching us about this once in a lifetime opportunity!


Retweetd From Harris Junior Academy Carshalton

Y6 have been comparing Carshalton and Box Hill in geography and today they got to visit! They did a field sketch, some compass work and a went on a walk around the area. Great day in the glorious sunshine and fresh air 🌳☀️


Retweetd From Soarpoints

Brilliant to see this - respect & kudos to for the inspirational networks he is building for the children of Tottenham. Shaping citizens who can & placing as central to that role as a citizen | scholars & ambassadors


Retweetd From @hcacp

If you are a or Middle Leader looking for your next step, apply to our Diverse Leaders programme! Facilitated by & , you won't want to miss it! Spaces are filling up quickly ⏲️❗️ To save your space 🖱️


Retweetd From HPA Philip Lane

Fuel 🍎🥐🥯🥞🍳 for our final morning in the Peak District! We have had the BEST time and can’t wait for our final adventures today!


Retweetd From Harris Bermondsey

Aneela, Year 9, has written a great article about the new and exciting clubs being introduced to our extra-curricular timetable. Read what she says at

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We hope you are ready to support your child with a packed year full of exciting learning through play. During this transition into school, we will be supporting your child's development using the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework.

This covers 7 areas of learning under the headings Prime Areas: PSED (Personal, Social, and Emotional Development), PD (Physical Development) & CL (Communication and Language).

As well as the Specific Areas: Literacy (Reading and Writing), Mathematics (Number and Shape, Space & Measure), EAD (Expressive Arts and Design) and UW (Understanding of the World).

The children will engage in a wide range of play based activities that are designed to support independent learning as well as adult led learning. Throughout the day the children have 3 main whole class carpet sessions with a key focus on, Literacy, Phonics and Number.

We have three whole class teaching sessions per day, these include Phonics, Maths and Literacy, however, these core skills are taught throughout the rest of the day, in small groups and throughout play within the continuous provision.


The children should have a picture book in their book bag. As their understanding of phonics develops, children will start to bring home phonics related reading books. It is important that you spend time listening to your child read on a regular basis, encouraging the key skills, as well as reading a story book to your child. We want children to love books and reading, so please make sure this is a fun activity that you both can enjoy!

Outdoor Learning

Within early years, children have the opportunity to explore activities inside and outside the classroom. To develop gross motor skills, fine motor skills and knowledge and understanding of the world, children will have the opportunity to use sand, water and the mud kitchen. aprons are always available and children are unrestricted during these activities. The doors are open from 9:30 to 11:00 where children have supervised access to the outside areas, including the fenced field area. To access these areas children must wear wellington boots and waterproof jackets or coats.